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Jiutou Zhiji Jing - High Rollers DnD by inoueflameheart
Jiutou Zhiji Jing - High Rollers DnD
My take on Kim's character, Jiutou, in the Yogscast Dungeons and Dragons series, High Rollers. Jiutou is a Tiefling monk on a quest to stop the oppression of Tieflings by the Dragonborn. On her quest she falls in with a motley crew of fellow adventurers - witty and annoying human trickster cleric Cam Buckland (who apparently doesn't give a Fuckland), sweet and naive moon elf druid Elora Galanodel, and dark and mysterious drow warlock Trellimar Aleath - each with their own agendas in mind.

I just started watching High Rollers a couple of days ago and I am now addicted! I love each and every one of the characters - Jiutou being my favourite, with Cam a close second and Trellimar and Elora tying for third - and Mark plays the role of Dungeon Master to perfection. I've just about finished Episode 5 - hopefully I can catch up with the rest before the next stream, or the one after that. 
Timelapse Tuesday #2: The Golden Cage by inoueflameheart
Timelapse Tuesday #2: The Golden Cage
The bird knew she was safe in her cage. Through the bars she could see the horrors of the world beyond, and she knew that as long as she stayed in her cage, she would be protected. She would never want for food or anything else. She was safe.
However, along with a world of horrors, she saw a world of possibilities - a world of potential where she could stretch her wings and fly wherever she pleased without being held back. She felt the weight of the wings on her back and she knew that the longer she stayed locked away, the heavier they would become until eventually she would lose her gift of flight. To a bird, the loss of flight is the same, if not worse, than the loss of life - she knew, that if she could no longer fly, she would die.

Sooo emo flavour text aside, this piece involved a fair bit of experimenting with light and shadow. It's not my favourite piece, but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out :)

Timelapse video to follow soon!
Timelapse Tuesday #1: A very CAFFY Christmas!! by inoueflameheart
Timelapse Tuesday #1: A very CAFFY Christmas!!
Merry Christmas, everyone, and may your exceptionally large mugs be ever filled with tea, eggnog, hot chocolate or any other beverage of your choosing!

Featuring one of the best YouTube Let's Players and ASMRtists out there, Caff of the CaffCast and the ASMRCast. :D

Timelapse video:…


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